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WCWI, a community of connected employers transforming Wisconsin’s workforce

WCWI is grateful for the support of our partner sponsors as we work together to uphold employee wellbeing as a foundational strategy and valued business priority for every employer of all sectors, industries, and sizes statewide in Wisconsin. WCWI celebrates thirty-six years of elevating and advancing employee wellbeing in Wisconsin’s workplaces and communities! Over 400 member organizations are engaged in WCWI’s membership and we unite and build connections across 600 wellbeing leaders and strategists to impact over 2.5 million employees in the workforce. We are proud of WCWI’s many achievements, expanded engagement, and one-of-a-kind member experiences offered in 2021.
WCWI’s Impact Report – 2021 Year in Review
WCWI looks forward to connecting with future partners who share our core belief and have qualities and values aligned with our four distinctive partner sponsorship opportunities. If you are interested in partnering with us as an Invested Advisor, a Vision Champion, a Community Supporter, and a Virtual Enrichment Sponsor to advance WCWI’s reach and impact, please contact Marissa Kalkman at to start a conversation. 

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