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Enrichment Sessions for Wellness Strategists

WCWI's 30th Annual Employee Wellbeing Conference included 30-minute tailored professional learning experiences for our attendees. These live 30-Minute Enrichment Sessions gave attendees a chance to explore various topics related to personal wellbeing, leadership, and overall professional development to kick start their Conference day. 



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Effective Strategies for Battling Compassion Fatigue

Facilitator: Heath Shackleford, CHC Wellbeing
If you are an HR professional, you should consider yourself part of a “helping profession.” Just like nurses, teachers, counselors, first responders or nonprofit leaders, you come to work every day with the overall mission of helping those in need. Having a career where a higher purpose is baked into your job description at a deep level can be very inspiring and uplifting. But did you know there is a cost for caring? And that the price tag can be considerable? What is compassion fatigue? How does it apply to HR leaders? And what are effective strategies for overcoming it? In this session, CHC Wellbeing will help you reduce the cost of caring while equipping you with coping techniques to help reduce stress and burnout.

Making Authentic Connections in a Virtual Environment 

Facilitator: Theresa Islo, UW Extended Campus - UW Health and Wellness Management Program
Description: This session will discuss how to cultivate genuine connections while working remotely. We will discuss and sample team building activities that you can use to foster higher levels of engagement in meetings and otherwise. We will share resources for nurturing authentic connections.

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