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Save $275 on conference registration and a 1 year Corporate membership!

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New this year! When registering for WCWI’s Annual Conference, you can save $275 on conference and WCWI membership.  Your organization can become a Corporate Member at $350, traditionally $495, and instantly give all employees access to the Corporate member rate for the WCWI Annual Conference and other statewide learning opportunities. *Offer valid for non-member organizations only. 
  • Corporate Members:  $299
  • Associate Members: $349
  • Non-Member (Conference Registration only): $429
  • Save $275! Non-Member Discount:  $299 Corporate Member Conference Registration + $495 $350 Corporate WCWI Membership = $649  
  • Corporate Member: $489 
  • Associate Member: $559
  • Non-Member (Exhibitor Registration only): $729
  • Save $405! Non-Member Discount: $489 Corporate Member Exhibitor Registration + $495 $330 Corporate WCWI Membership= $819 

To access this discount, select the "Non-Member + 1 yr WCWI Membership" within the Member Level of the Conference or Exhibitor registration forms. Contact Lisa Grenfell at 262-696-3656 or with any questions you may have.

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WCWI's Membership and Community: 

The ultimate goal of our membership is to help you be successful in designing a comprehensive employee strategy. Member benefits are designed to provide you with the tools, best practices, and a connected community of likeminded employers to transform your workforce and culture. 


ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP:  starting at $395/yr 

*The WELCOA Membership includes national certification courses; WELCOA Seven Benchmarks; national Well Workplace Award; and 320+ employee education materials, planning templates, surveys, and more!

CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP:  starting at $495/yr 
Corporate members receive all benefits of the Associate level membership, in addition to the benefits listed below.


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