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These member-only webinars feature industry experts from WCWI's Annual Conference. Please note, that there is a maximum of 100 attendees for these webinars, and registration is a first-come, first-served basis. Registered attendees will receive an email with unique call-in instructions and handouts will be provided closer to the selected webinar(s).
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"The Skill of Resilience: Turning Obstacle into Opportunity"

Live Webinar: Tuesday, September 24 at Noon

Speaker: Jen Arnold, MS, RD/LDN, Owner of Redesigning Wellness
If one word describes the wellness profession, it’s obstacle. Do any of these sound familiar?
-You know you contribute value to your organizations, but it doesn’t always seem as though you’re acknowledged or supported in the work you do.
-You may find yourself scraping by for resources, asked to show ROI and surrounded by people who just don’t “get it”. 
-You set out to make a difference but are finding yourself not making the impact you want. 
-The recent studies (and headlines) are shouting “wellness doesn’t work”, making it feel like the profession is under attack. 
As wellness pros, we can keep trying the same things and expecting different results or we can treat these obstacles as opportunities for growth. This means managing our emotions, reframing our thinking and trying new approaches to ultimately making a bigger impact on the people we serve.
As Bob Rosen, Organizational Psychologist and Best Seller Author says, “The world is changing faster than our ability to adapt. Adapting quickly is the catalyst for high performance.” If we don’t adapt to the many obstacles we face, then we’ll be stuck operating on outdated thinking and flawed assumptions. 
That’s why learning the skill of resilience is crucial to our success and long-term growth. Luckily, more than five decades of research point to the fact that resilience is built by attitudes, behaviors and social supports that can be adopted and cultivated by anyone. 
In this webinar, you’ll learn:
  • Why resilience is crucial to your success as a wellness pro.
  • Identify at least two strategies to enhance your resilience. 
  • If ready, commit to one small action step to increasing your resilience.
Bring your latest obstacle and get ready for a fun and interactive webinar!

Space is limited to 100 participants. A unique login will be sent to you after registration.

"Navigating Organizational Culture: Adjusting Your Sails or Changing the Wind"

Live Webinar: Thursday, September 26 at Noon

Speakers: Steve Utech, CEO & Founder of illumyx
Lisa Kogan-Praska, VP of Client Strategy & Employee Experience, illumyx

Your organizational culture is the sea of norms, actions, attitudes and beliefs that chart the course for how work gets done every day. It also has a direct 
impact on the efficacy of your wellness efforts. In this session, illumyx uses a data-driven approach to illustrate the impact of organizational culture on employee health and wellness and provides the following insights to help set your sails for success:
• Understand the primary organizational culture archetypes 
• Learn the key attributes and pitfalls of each archetype and the challenges they face in employee health and wellness
• Identify when you should focus efforts on changing your culture or when you should focus on changing your approach 
• Learn about a holistic change model that will improve buy-in for your wellness initiatives 
All participants will be asked to participate in a pre-session survey asking you about your culture, capabilities and challenges.  The response data will be incorporated in the presentation.


Space is limited to 100 participants. A unique login will be sent to you after registration.

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